Clipboard in Windows 10 and How to use it

Using the Windows clipboard can greatly improve the copy and paste process. New updates have added more features to the clipboard in Windows 10.

Definitely every user has the ability to copy and paste on the phone – smart, tablet or computer. Life without a copy of the track is scary. This feature is used daily and is useful for users. Most people are not familiar with the real term for copying track data or adding to a clipboard. There is also a clipboard in Windows 10; But what is a Windows clipboard and how can it be used? This article answers these questions.

Simple Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V shortcut operations make things dramatically easier. The clipboard is the same as the copy of the track with more features. More features have been added to the new clipboard updates in Windows 10.

What is a clipboard in Windows 10?

Suppose you cut text in Word and then paste it into Google Docs after five minutes; But where did the text go during those five minutes? In those five minutes, the text was neither in Word nor in Google Docs. So what happened to it? In such cases, the text is stored in the clipboard, which is similar to the actual clipboard.

Clipboard can be considered a temporary, small, and cache for storing copied data. Data can be an image, text, file or even a folder; So when you copy some of the data, the data stays on the clipboard to be pasted elsewhere if needed. You can paste the same data multiple times until you have copied new data.

The clipboard has always been part of Windows; But its possibilities were limited in the past. Previously, you could only paste the item you just copied; But with the October 2018 update to Windows, Microsoft has added new features to the clipboard that can be used to store multiple inputs.

New clipboard features in Windows 10

In previous updates, copying an item to the clipboard deleted the previous entry; But in the new update, you can view the history of the clipboard and paste old items from the history or track history.

In other words, Windows maintains a small but temporary copy of the copied data. For example, if you have copied paragraphs from different websites, you can see them in the Windows 10 clipboard. You can then select and paste the paragraph you want. The data stays on the clipboard until the computer restarts. Now with the new update you can copy the most used items to the clipboard. Clipboard history is based on the cloud service, so you can sync it to all Windows 10 devices. This way, if you copy something to your PC, you can access it on a second device.

New Clipboard capabilities and limitations

The new clipboard can store up to 25 inputs of pinned items. By adding new items, previous items are removed. The clipboard is compatible with text formats (HTML and txt), bitmap images (JPEG, PNG, GIF and more). You can access paragraphs, URLs, and even screenshots from the clipboard history. The maximum size of the copied file, especially the image, is 4 MB. If the item size is more than 4 MB, it is not possible to access it through the clipboard history.

How to Display Clipboard History in Windows 10?

But where exactly can the new Windows 10 clipboard be accessed? Do you need to install a new program? Some people think that the shortcut key Ctrl + V can access the history of the clipboard, but this method is wrong.

You do not need to install a new program to display the clipboard. All you have to do is press the Windows key plus V to open the clipboard panel. You can still cut, copy and paste your recent data with the shortcut keys Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V; But to display the history of the clipboard, you need to use the Windows + V shortcut key. The clipboard window opens at the location of your mouse pointer on the screen.

How to enable clipboard History in Windows 10?

When you press the Windows + V key for the first time, you will be prompted to enable Clipboard History. Click Turn On to do this. If such settings do not appear, you can perform the following steps to enable and disable Windows 10 clipboard history.

Step 1: Open your computer’s Settings and go to System.

Step 2: In the left panel, click on Clipboard. Activate the on key under Clipboard History in the right panel. To deactivate this key, turn it off.

Enable Clipboard History

How to use the clipboard in Windows 10?

In the first step, copy or cut your data with the keyboard shortcuts or click the cut or copy buttons. Then open the clipboard history panel with Windows + V shortcuts. After opening the clipboard panel, you can run the following steps.

1. Copy from Clipboard

Click on the desired entry to access the items from the clipboard history and move it to the desired program. If a backup application is opened, the data is automatically saved to that application. Otherwise, the data will be available as the latest clipboard item. You can use the Ctrl + V key combination to paste it in the desired environment.

2. Pin the item

When you pin an item, it stays in the clipboard history until you delete it manually. Restarting the computer or clearing the history will not remove the pinned item. To pin an item to the clipboard, click on the three-dot icon next to Word. Then select the Pin option. To remove the item from Pin mode, repeat the same steps and select unpin.

3. Remove an item from Clipboard History

You do not need to restart your computer to delete items from Clipboard History. All you have to do is click on the three-dot icon of the item and select the Delete option.

4. Clear Clipboard History

To delete all clipboard items except the pinned items, click on the three-dot icon in each item, and then select Clear all.

Pin, Delete or Clear Clipboard Hisotry

Or you can go to Settings> System> Clipboard; And in the Clear Clipboard Data section, click the Clear button.

How to Sync Clipboard with other devices?

Sharing clipboard items is one of the new features of the Windows 10 clipboard. However, this feature is only limited to computers running Windows 10.

Sync Clipboard between Windows 10 Computers

You need a Microsoft account to sync the clipboard. To enable this feature, go to Settings> System> Clipboard. Then activate the on key under the Sync across devices section.

Sync Clipboard with other devices

Sync Windows 10 Clipboard with Android

You need a third-party application to sync the clipboard between Windows 10 and Android computers. On the other hand, in the future, the ability to sync the clipboard will be possible using the Windows Your Phone application.

Can’t see the clipboard history in Windows 10?

If you can not access the clipboard in the settings section or through the keyboard shortcut, make sure you have the latest version of Windows 10. The new clipboard will be activated on Windows 10, October 2018 and higher versions. To check the current version of Windows, go to Settings> System> About. The version number is registered in the Windows specifications section.

Go to Settings> Update & Security to update your computer. Click Check for Updates and install the desired update if available.

Other programs

Microsoft has good features for the clipboard; But if these features do not satisfy you, you can use free clipboard management programs such as Ditto, Clipboard Master, 1Clipboard, ClipX and many more. We hope Microsoft adds more features such as search and filtering to its clipboard program.

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