Download Foxit Reader Latest Version for Viewing PDF Files

Foxit Reader PDF format is one of the most popular formats and specifically document formats. PDF with many capabilities is one of the first choices of users for storing documents. But to use and view PDF documents, software is always needed and will be. Software that has the power to display PDF format and can display documents without any problems without any shortcomings. There are many softwares in this field. The most popular one that almost everyone knows is Adobe Acrobat. Very complete software that is offered in two versions, Reader and Pro.

Foxit Reader Features:

  • Identify the latest PDF versions and cores and are fully compatible with version 1.7 of the PDF Standard
  • Ability to convert PDF documents to Text texts
  • Display animations, images and generally all Objects with the highest quality
  • Compatible with various versions of Windows, including the popular Windows 7
  • Full compatibility and playability of multimedia files in PDF documents
  • Admin panel to change the security factor and all the properties of the PDF document
  • Thumbnail panel for easier display of documents
  • Use the automatic mouse scrolling feature

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