How to Control Your Computer with Your Phone?

By connecting the smartphone to a personal computer, it can be used as a keyboard, mouse, and remote control, which can be done in a few simple steps.

Keyboards and mice aren’t always the best ways to connect to a personal computer. In some cases, you expect certain uses of the computer, and you may use the PC for tasks other than everyday processing. Some people use a personal computer as a media center and may have connected a mini-computer to their old TV as a smart TV. In such cases, you can use your smartphone as a keyboard, mouse, and remote control to create an interesting PC experience.

To control a personal computer with a smartphone, you need to combine two applications, one on the smartphone and the other on the personal computer. In fact, you have a combination called Unified Remote. The app on the phone connects to the server app installed on the PC. This connection allows you to send keyboard and mouse commands of any remote control to the computer.

Unified Remote supports all common computer and smartphone operating systems.

Some online apps and services have dedicated features to control the performance of a personal computer via a smartphone. For example, YouTube and VLC have dedicated services that make this possible. Of course, their solution is not comprehensive and does not provide a complete experience. Definitely, the ideal solution is to use a smartphone as a computer keyboard and mouse to make it easy to control all parts. Among the available applications, Unified Remote provides a complete experience. In the free version of this application, you can experience several capabilities related to personal computer.

The free version of the Unified Remote app allows you to use your smartphone as a mouse and keyboard. Also, you can do some necessary controls to guide media content with the same application. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. It can control personal computers running Windows, Mac and Linux. As a result, all current smart devices and conventional operating systems are supported in this application. The application has the ability to connect to a computer via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Step 1. Install Unified Remote on PC

As mentioned, a smartphone-to-PC connection system requires two applications. You must first install the Unified Remote server on your PC. Depending on your operating system, Windows or Mac or Linux. Server application from the official Unified Remote website. The steps for installing a server are not much different from installing other applications. In Windows, the input driver is also installed with the application, which allows the computer to control Unified Remote. You can download this software from their official site called

install Unified Remote on PC

You do not need any special settings after installing and running the application on your personal computer. However, if you decide to create an configuration in the app, after launching it, click on the icon from the operating system notifications section and select Manager. The installation steps on Mac and Linux are not much different from Windows.

Step 2. Install Unified Remote on Your Phone

To control a personal computer with a smartphone, you need to install the control app on your phone. First, depending on the operating system, Android or iOS, or Windows Phone, download and install the app. After launching, you will see a message in which you must select the I have installed the server option. The app then scans the network to find a computer equipped with a server. As a result, computers and smartphones must be connected to a shared Wi-Fi network. Once the server is found, you will be presented with a list of available remote controls, from which you must select the sample you want.

The Basic Input option in the mobile app allows you to use the smartphone screen as a mouse cache for a personal computer. This application is especially effective for computers that are used as media centers in homes and offices. It will definitely be easier to use a smartphone to control the marker on these computers than a mouse.

Install unified Remote on Android

Other features that the trackpad offers on a smartphone include conventional uses such as a single touch to select or scroll with the help of two fingers that are common in laptop laptops. In the same Basic Input window, you can call the smartphone keyboard by selecting the keyboard option at the bottom left of the screen. Then, by typing on the keyboard, the text is written in the selected text field on the personal computer.

Other remote control and smartphone features also work well. For example, the remote section called File Manager allows you to manage computer files via a smartphone or tablet. Another remote, called Keyboard, provides a complete keyboard for the user. This remote is very useful for using buttons like Windows that are not on the smartphone keyboard.

Guide How to use your phone as a Mouse and Keyboard

One of the applications used in this application is called Media, which is very useful for controlling the distribution of media content on a personal computer. With this remote screen, you can do things like reduce and increase the volume and move time and stop and start playing. The Remote Power also allows you to perform features such as turning on and off, restarting, sleep mode, and hibernation on a personal computer.

Control Center

The free version of Unified Remote allows you to add a few more remotes to the list of remotes using the Plus icon in the app. For example, there is a remote called Start that allows you to run apps from the Start menu of the operating system. The Task Manager remote is used to manage ongoing processes, and the VLC remote makes it possible to control media content exclusively in the VLC application.

Other remote controls in the Unified Remote app are paid. It is quite common to offer money in such applications, and it will cover some of the development costs of the free section. However, you don’t have to pay extra if you don’t need special, personalized controls for your PC.

The steps mentioned show that controlling a personal computer with a smartphone is not very difficult. Certainly other apps have been developed to connect your phone and PC; But apparently none of them offer full and versatile features like Unified Remote. Don’t forget that this app is available for all common operating systems, and connects almost any smartphone to any personal computer. The Unified Remote app allows you to select more than one device as a personal computer remote; As a result, few people at home or at work will be able to control it just by connecting a smartphone to the main computer.

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